Every user has a single email address associated with their account. This is the email address we use to contact you in the event that there are billing issues, or to update you on important TeamSnap news.

This address is not viewable by anyone on your teams and you can change it at any time by clicking on “My Account” at the top of the page.

Within every team you play on in TeamSnap, your Roster record can have multiple email addresses. While these may be the same as your account email address, they are not connected to one another and changing one does not affect the others. In other words, your user account email is your secret address used only by TeamSnap, whereas your 

Roster email address(es) are used by your teams and made viewable by you (if you so
choose) to the other members of your team.

The roster email addresses allow you to receive broadcast messages, notifications, or emails from your TeamSnap team. You can add an additional email address to the roster page by editing your Player Profile and selecting “add additional email address”.  You can also add the extra email address under additional contacts for the player.